of bells and ice-cream

It seems Mr Jepson’s complaints were heard……..

Sydney Morning Herald – 31 October 1952

Barrier Miner (Broken Hill) – 5 February 1953

2 Comments on “of bells and ice-cream”

  1. illana says:

    And here we are in 2011 and would still love to silence that Mr Whippy van …

  2. humminbee says:

    Hi Lynn, You have this under the subheading of > hints hawkers Henry Lawson < it has nothing to do with Henry Lawson so why is it listed under his name please? 🙂

    Hi Sandie. I’ve looked at the post and the only tags I seem to have on it are bells, hawkers and ice-cream. The words hints, hawkers and Henry Lawson sit together in the column to the right in the tags section that relates to every post ever written. Can’t see old Henry anywhere on this post. 🙂 Cheers. Lynn

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