Road conditions – cattle, cars and broken bicycle lamps

The Queanbeyan Age 31 July 1886 and The Mercury (Hobart) 10 Oct 1894 published these letters to the editor from Ettie and “Sunbeam” who were complaining about condition of roads and footpath access.

Ettie points out that the editor of the Queanbeyan Age is not only editor of the local newspaper, but also an alderman on the local council.  No conflict of interest there…….

Lucky dip #1

Lucky dips were common treats at fairs, fetes and children’s parties.  You drew a prize from a box or other container, not knowing what you were going to get.  In 1938, Miss Ivy Ball was in charge of the lucky dip at this garden fete.  There was a treasure hunt too…..

Now and then, I’ll run a lucky dip just like Miss Ball.

Let’s see what you get ………

10 February 1951