Lawn mowers and a use for grass clippings

Today’s snippets – a dangerous pre-cursor to the whipper-snipper, the ‘first’ electric mower, and a handy household hint for the use of lawn clippings.

A NEW LAWN MOWER – The Examiner – 24 July 1907 (text reproduced due to poor legibility of original scan)

One of the drawbacks to the ordinary lawn mower is that it cannot operate close to a fence, and will not reach into the corners, so that after a lane has been mowed it is necessary to trim by hand the fringe of grass left at these inaccesssible places. This trimming is common ly done with a sickle or with shears, and is a very tedious process. In order to expedite this work there has been invented the grass-cutter which we illustrate herewith. It will be observed that the mechanism is carried in a frame supported on wheels. The cutters rotate in opposite directions, so that they act like shears to cut the grass. In case a twig is caught between the cutters, a spring prevents breakage of the mechanism.”

The Australian Women’s Weekly – 4 March 1950 and 23 September 1933

One Comment on “Lawn mowers and a use for grass clippings”

  1. illana says:

    i think I will skip the lawn clippings. The puppies bring them in now and it ain’t working

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