What’s in your bottom drawer?

Vesta writes for the information of ‘every girl anticipating her wedding day’ on the glory box, “bottom drawer” or hope box in  The Argus – 10 September 1913.  Essential reading for the ” proud proprietor of the bottom drawer [who] has her destiny pretty well in sight.”

“she who lays in a supply of saucepans, kettles and pots and pans, to say nothing of the smaller items such as cooking forks, patty-pans, and rolling pins, and, above all, the indispensable mincing machine, will be thankful when the wedding time comes that she has saved herself so much worry and money.”

In 1937, Kathleen Evans sensibly decided against the box and went for the suitcase option given the occupation of her intended.  Courier Mail – Mid-Week Musings.

Marian March in the Adelaide Advertiser (7 Feb 1940) gave one  ‘puzzled reader’ a head start with a list of suggested glory box inclusions.

And “Aunt Jenny” is delighted to learn how towels saved in Mrs Simpson’s glory box are still going strong 35 years on. “I had them in my glory box when I married in 1912”

Australian Women’s Weekly – 8 October 1947

One Comment on “What’s in your bottom drawer?”

  1. illana says:

    Dear me. I had the camphor wood chest – a family heirloom. Empty of course, no linen or kitchen stuff. Still have the box 10 years after the second marriage!

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