On deodorants and superfluous hair

The Women’s Department of The Queenslander – 6 December 1919 attracted advertisements that could have dented the self-esteem of any modern woman.  With the exception of a request from the Mitchell Library for the diaries of soldiers returned from World War I, the page is full of products designed to remedy the short-comings of being overweight, having superfluous or grey hair, hysteria, excessive perspiration, lice, ringworm and any number of undefined ‘female’ maladies.

One Comment on “On deodorants and superfluous hair”

  1. Catherin Dusenbury says:

    Ringworm patches form in a circular shape. The patch has clear defined red edges and a center of skin color. The name worm is misleading because no worm has anything to do with this disease. The fungus finds the groin area moist and warm and that is ideal for it to multiply. You can get the infection by touching somebody else’s ringworm, sharing towels, etc. animals also spread this disease. If you touch an animal suffering from ringworm and then scratch your groin area the fungus will infect you..

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