The good censors of Tasmania caused this cinema ‘considerable extra cost’ when they banned Buster Keaton’s comedy film – Parlour, Bedroom and Bath.  The Mercury – Hobart – 8 July 1931.

Thanks to Wikimedia Commons for the Keaton image from that film.

Courier Mail on 25 July 1941.

The Australian Women’s Weekly’s  TELEVISION PARADE – 2 January 1957 – praised the Australian Broadcasting Corporation for not editing a potentially offensive word from the broadcast of an Australian play.   The scanned image is cropped so here’s the text of the item.

SOME funny things happen in television. Recently the A.B.C. put on Channel 2 an Australian play by Leslie Rees called “The Sub-Editors’ Room.” The play was out- spoken and the word “slut” was used several times. Full marks go to the A.B.C. for putting on such a play without emasculating the author’s words.

However, with overseas films things are vastly different. The Commonwealth Film Censor recently cut a scene out of the TCN news because it showed a person spitting. A Western was banned because one of the characters had to have his leg amputated and liquor was used to deaden his pain.

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