swimming costumes

A swim in the river and a day at Manly beach – these photos from our family collection demonstrate what boys were wearing as swim gear in the 1920s and 1930s respectively.  The suits were more likely to have been made from wool and were designed for modesty (although Dave on the left seems unconcerned about that requirement).

Here’s a guide to the cost of suits for boys in Melbourne  in 1923 – Argus – 5 December 1923. They were made of navy cotton or all-wool yarn.  If you were really keen, you could knit one for yourself, taking care to use non-shrink wool.   Sydney Morning Herald – 28 November 1935.

This Canberra Times advertisement of 16 December 1931 was selling the Speedo name on the back of the swimming star of the day, Andrew (Boy) Charlton.

Speedo is a name that is synonymous with swimming in Australia – although the company has long since ceased to be Australian owned. Click on the link for a history.