The gramophone is the same as the phonograph, only more so

Sydney Morning Herald – 2 December 1897

For the benefit of the uninitiated it may be explained that the gramophone is the same as the phonograph, only more so. To the phonograph, as everyone knows, there are two or three objections. The sound of the voice is reproduced very faintly, while the records are also extremely fragile, and very liable therefore to destruction. The gramophone, it is claimed, avoids these defects, and the Salvation Army people have been sufficiently im pressed by its virtues to decide to give the invention a trial on a somewhat extensive scale. The gramophone, it seems, carries the voice without difficulty to the furthest end of an ordinary hall, seating say a thousand people, tha effect being precisely the same, save an occasional slight indistinction of articulation, as if the speaker himself were actually addressing the audience. The volume of sound, that is to say, suffers no diminution at all.