A house, a garden and a parcel of pigs

Here’s a fine house for sale – with three lemon trees and two orange ditto.

Sydney Gazette and NSW Advertiser – 15 April 1803

In the following year, perhaps at that same house, Owen’s garden was the focus of a pig raid.  This is not only the story of rampant pigs with a ‘devastating plan’, but also a lesson in counting to ten before you react to that ‘ruling impulse’.

Sydney Gazette – 14 October 1804

“Some days ago a fine garden belonging to Owen Connor, in a remarkably fine state of cultivation, was laid waste by a parcel of pigs that had rendered it accessible by rooting away part of the fence : and so effectually did they accomplish their devastating plan that in the space of a few uninterrupted hours no trace of vegetation was discernible. The damage sustained from this single incursion the ground holder computed at from 8£ to 10£ ; compensation he knew not where to seek ; nor were the whole destructive brood of value equal to their morning havoc. In the moment of exasperation we frequently do an act of justice, by obeying the ruling impulse, when impatience of injury had banished every sentiment that might oppose the determination, which after a short interval of reflection, would perhaps have been abandoned from various motives. In such an instance as the above, the only remedy was an act of public justice, in a strict adherence to repeated Ordinances : but even this was frustrated, for the whole guilty brood, no doubt conversant in the plunder of the garden, had peaceably decamped, to render their services at the next hospitable gate that should admit them. – A proper attention to the object of limiting the walk of swine should upon several considerations be adopted ; and if the risque of forfeiture is not a satisfactory inducement, a recent horrible circumstance should have some little influence.”


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