Australia’s first national park .. and the world’s second

After Yellowstone National Park in the United States of America was created in 1872, Sydney’s first National Park became the second national park in the world.  The National Park was not named Royal National Park until 1954.

Sydney Morning Herald – 29 March 1879

……The credit of the idea of dedicating a large tract of land for such a purpose is principally due to Sir John Robertson, who has thought of the project for years, and no land seemed more suitable than that near Port Hacking, which presents all the attractiveness of varied and beautiful scenery, and abounds with game…..  it was decided to dedicate 18,000 acres having more than five miles frontage to the Pacific Ocean (including Wattamolla Boat Harbour and other well known fishing grounds), over ten miles frontage to the main and southern arms of Port Hacking River (including the wide part of the river), and more than four miles frontage to Woronora Creek, a fine navigable arm of George’s River. The scenery in these localities is exceedingly attractive, and Port Hacking, the lower part of George’s River, and many spots on the coast line of the land which will form part of the park, abound with fine fish. …….. The park, [..] is to be called ” The National Park,” a better name than which could not be given ……..





The website of Friends of the Royal tells more of the park’s story.

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