Flinders’ map of Port Phillip Bay

Because everybody loves a good map.

Courtesy of the State Library of Victoria and Matthew Flinders who drew the original in 1802, this shows the coast of Victoria from Cape Otway to Cape Laptrap.

Cape Otway to Cape Laptrap - Matthew Flinders

The Sydney Gazette reported the death of Matthew Flinders thus, over a year after his death in England and via a Calcutta Gazette.  Not exactly a fitting way to remember the man responsible for mapping the continent.

From among the accounts of Europe Deaths we extract the following from a Calcutta Gazette:—Cap. MATTHEW FLINDERS, of the Royal Navy; greatly lamented by his Family and Friends.  This Gentleman’s fate, has been hard as it has been eventful.  Under the direction of The Admiralty, he sailed upon a Voyage of Discover to Terra Australis, where, after prosecuting successfully the purposes of his voyage, he had the misfortune to run upon a coral rock, and lose his ship; out of the wreck he constructed a small vessel that carried him to the Mauritius, where, shocking to relate, instead of being received with kindness, as is the practice of civilized nations to nautical discoverers, he was put in prison by the Governor, De Caen, and confined for six years and a half, which brought upon him maladies that have hastened his death. Fortunately for mankind and his own fame, he survived a few days the finishing of the printing of the account of his voyage.