can you describe the criminal?

Today’s post touches on burglary, assault and descriptions of the offenders.

Sydney Gazette and NSW Advertiser – 3 July 1803

stolen goods

one of them had “a reddish pimple or lump on the nose”.

Last seen making their way from the house of John Larkham, at the Ponds, near Parramatta, carting:

4 yards of striped muslin, seven yards and a half of broad black lace, three yards of narrow black lace, a blue jacket, a white calico petticoat, 2 muslin handkerchiefs, a bordered shawl, an ivory small-tooth comb, a pound of coarse white-brown thread, a yard and a half of striped print, a quantity of meat in pickle, 3 pecks of wheat, a yard and a half of very fine calico and a small quantity of sugar.

pale skin, polite robberconsiderate young man with pale complexion

The Australian – 11 January 1844

“Mrs Gaden, having fainted, one of the burglars very politely helped her to a glass of wine.”

The North Western Advocate and the Emu Bay Times – 30 September 1905

Note: This one has the ring of being apocryphal but it’s worth it for the story.

Advice from his lawyer.

“Sikes – you have no legal claim against your late partner….The only remedy I can suggest is a careful disguise and a heavy club.”

After the fact.  Sikes to his lawyer.

“I rigged myself up as a perfect copy of yourself Sir.  The police have your description!”

Lawyer B