Australian passports drop the British – 1967 flashback

Who knew that it only took Australia well over 60 years after Federation to drop the word “British” from our passports.  Apron strings indeed.  It may or may not be a coincidence that Prime Minister Robert Menzies, self-confessed Anglophile, resigned as PM and retired from the parliament in 1966.

passport 1 passport 2

passport 3

The word British has been dropped from Australian passports currently being printed. The Minister for Immigration, Mr Snedden, said yesterday the word had been deleted to avoid misunderstandings, and this did not foreshadow any change in Australia’s relations with Britain.  Australia was the only country in the Commonwealth, other than Britain, which had used the word British on passports in recent years. Australia would join New Zealand, Canada and other Commonwealth countries in using only the name of the issuing country on the front cover of the passport.  The new passports would be issued within a few weeks.