come in spinner – the game of two-up

Royal Australian Mint - two-up kip and pennies

C J Dennis 
- excerpt from The Sentimental Bloke HT Perry Middlemiss
Image of two-up kip and pennies - Royal Australian Mint


"Ow are yeh on a little gamble, Kid?" sez Ginger Mick.  
"Lars' night I'm on four quid.
Come 'round an' try yer luck at Steeny's school. 
"No," sez me conscience. Then I thinks, 
'Why not? An buy 'er presents if I wins a pot? 

A blazin' fool I wus. Fer 'arf a mo' I 'as a fight; 
Then conscience skies the wipe ... Sez I "Orright."  
.... Ten minutes later I was back once more, 
Kip in me 'and, on Steeny Isaac's floor.
Me luck was in an' I wus 'eadin good.
Yes, back agen amongst the same old crew! 
An' orl the time down in me 'eart I knew I never should.

 ... Nex' thing I knows it's after two o'clock - - 
Two in the morning! An' I've done me block!
"Wot odds?" I thinks. "I'm in fer it orright."

An' so I stops an' gambles orl the night; 
An' bribes me conscience wiv the gilt I wins. 
But when I comes out in the cold, 'ard dawn 
I know I've crooled me pitch; 
me soul's in pawn. 

My flamin' sins they 'its me in a 'eap right where I live; 
Fer I 'ave broke the solim vow I give.

Rules of the game  courtesy of The Australian War Memorial site and their source M G Houston.