from mangolds to whisky – Nant Estate

Via The Mercury (Hobart) – 6 August 1889, a story of a large mangold (root vegetable) which had apparently taken the form of a human hand.  The mangold photo here is from an English website dedicated to the fine sport of mangold hurling.  Keep your tongue firmly in your cheek as you read!

mangold - Nant distillery

mangoldThe Nant Estate (where the disfigured mangold was discovered) is now home to the Nant Distilleryhome of the only commercially operating water-powered flour mill in Australia.  This now heritage site, an hour north of Hobart, produces single malt whisky.

Probably not a mangold in sight these days!

Road conditions – cattle, cars and broken bicycle lamps

The Queanbeyan Age 31 July 1886 and The Mercury (Hobart) 10 Oct 1894 published these letters to the editor from Ettie and “Sunbeam” who were complaining about condition of roads and footpath access.

Ettie points out that the editor of the Queanbeyan Age is not only editor of the local newspaper, but also an alderman on the local council.  No conflict of interest there…….