celebrating two hundred posts

Category word cloud - now and then 200.

When I chose the name Now and Then for this blog, it referred as much to the frequency with which I thought I might post to it, as to the places in time element.

Two hundred posts in and I’m looking forward to seeing what topics emerge in the next 200.

two years of Now and Then – the top twenty posts

Two years ago this month, I started this blog, inspired in part by the amazing source material provided by the National Library of Australia through its Trove site.  I was curious to see what posts have attracted the most attention over the life of Now and Then thus far.

Apart from landings on the home page (over 14,000 of them), here are the top twenty popular posts.

Lionel Logue 1,664
Heroin in 1950s Australia – cough, cough 763
Hoadley’s Violet Crumble bar 591
Arnott’s Biscuits 563
What’s a fete without coconut ice? 553
Cooked his goose 534
Swimming costumes 485
Australia’s first national park .. and the world’s second 388
Vegemite 337
Australia’s first cars – the Holden and the Thomson phaeton 329
Taronga Zoo – Sydney 321
1810 – new street names for Sydney 282
Comic strips in daily newspapers 266
Pentridge Prison 234
Immigration to Australia – a chequered history 209
Enid Lyons and Dorothy Tangney – first women in Commonwealth Parliament 191
Louisa Lawson. “And why shouldn’t a woman be strong and tall?” 191
Sydney Opera House 181
Billy carts 179
The utility of the Esky 179

The popularity of the film The King’s Speech was a large factor in the interest in Lionel Logue.

Here are the top ten search terms over the same period.

lionel logue 1,497
coconut ice 290
cooked his goose 133
april fools day 99
hills hoist 90
heroin 90
cough 82
wally and the major 73
pentridge prison 63
odorono deodorant 60

I’m looking forward to continuing the fun, as and when time allows me to go down the Trove rabbit hole.